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FIXVIEW - Monitoring your business

A non intrusive tool, that monitors negotiation and market data FIX sessions in real time sending alerts in case of disconnections, delays and degraded performance.

Configurable dashboards provide real time information on latency, business providing several indicators, including: messages per minute, messages per second and execution ratio. Also one can track the business orders flow.




BLK Sistemas Financeiros seals partnership with Ecodigi

Targeting its main goal, to assure the highest efficiency on their order sending service to the Brazilian Stock Exchange, hosted on a DMA2 environment, BLK Sistemas Financeiros just confirmed a partnership with Ecodigi, a mission critical solutions provider company specialized in monitoring stock exchange transactions.

Using the Ecodigi’s FixView monitoring software solution, BLK efficiently captures all fix traffic between the broker and the Stock Exchange, recording the time elapsed between request and response of each order. BLK assures their DMA2 customer that all transactions are monitored and if a latency deviation is noticed, corrective actions are adopted instantly.