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FIX monitoring software, captures all fix messages exchanged between the brokerages and the Stock Exchange. Monitors FIX sessions and produces latency and business information in real time. The software provides information for the IT, business and risk areas of the brokers. Besides that the queries and reports generated by FixView are used by brokerages to support BM&F / BOVESPA operational quality assurance program (PQO). Monitors offers per minute and un-traded offers witch are subject to extra fees from BM&F / BOVESPA when they reach a contracted limit. It also measures the amount of messages per second, identifying possible bottlenecks that can lead to an increase in latency. The software allows profile segregation and information can be scoped in a per user basis. FixView also monitor UMDF MarketData feeds.

Key FIXVIEW features:
  • Captures real time FIX traffic.
  • Allows session, application and control FIX message visualization.
  • Matches FIX messages per Order, allowing an Order view since the creation up to the closing.
  • Provides Order queries through several different fields as: FIX Session, Exchange, Customer code, Symbol, Trader, CLOrdID and Order ID.
  • Allows querying Orders by their status (New, Rejected, Filled, Canceled, etc.)
  • Allows querying Orders with and without trading.
  • Allows querying Orders with a large amount of FIX messages.
  • Records the latency (time elapsed since FIX message was sent to the exchange until the receipt of the exchange's response) grouped by Exchange, CompID, Symbol and Roundtrip Type.
  • Provides central tendency measures like arithmetic mean, mode and quadratic mean, as well as the standard deviation.
  • Manages FIX session connection state, it features e-mail, visual and audible alerts, as well as sending SNMP traps.
  • Captures and treats drop copy FIX messages.
  • In the scope of drop copy sessions, allows to identify the original FIX session. If the original session is not reported by the exchange, it can be added by the OMS in any FIX tag and configured in FixView. As an example, session in a DMA2 environment, can be captured via drop copy and managed in real time.
  • Features user configurable dashboards, including data grids, charts and other widgets containing information on latency, availability and business indicators.
  • Generates events on rejected orders by fix session.
  • Generates events on OverFill by order.
  • Provide business information that can be segmented by Exchange, FIX Session, Symbol, trader and customer account.
  • Manages volumes of messages per minute and per second, allowing the user to set up a threshold.
  • Shows in real time trading information, calculates the “execution ratio” to manage the customers effectiveness.
  • Shows the customer's net position (bought qty – sold qty), allowing to group by symbol.
  • Includes profile management functions and access scope segregation by customer's account or FIX session.
  • Provides PDF, XLS and CSV export.
  • FixView is multilingual, it is sensible to the browser's language configuration. Currently Portuguese and English are supported.
  • Timezone is user configurable.
  • Includes high performance capture modules, those can be configured in any point where FIX traffic is to be captured, all data is then transferred to a central location where the database is stored and the visualization console resides.
  • Provides a highly configurable alert module in witch alert rules can be customized to adapt customer needs.
  • Alert targets can be: console, e-mail, sound alerts in the browser and SNMP traps.
  • Monitors Market Data UMDF channels, providing: channel status, last message time-stamp and the amount of: received, duplicate, unordered and lost messages.