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Governance and monitoring of ISO-8583 financial transactions
Real time managing of electronic transactions in the ISO-8583 standard. It captures the traffic in real time through high performance capturing components.

Can record all information on the transactions, allowing to consolidate multiple views, such as: Transaction Type, Merchant, Acquirer, Card Brand, etc.

Capture probes can be installed wherever is convenient to view the ISO-8583 messages, allowing the measure of partial and total response times.

ISOTRACK has features to define time thresholds and business parameters, sending alert on high latency or unavailability events. Alerts can be easily integrated with other workflow / monitoring tools, by means of SNMP traps.

ISOTRACK's main features:
  • Credit / debit electronic transactions monitoring
  • Captures and parses messages according to ISO-8583 standards
  • Records response time by transaction type
  • Can monitor data from multiple capture points
  • Manages response time per transaction type
  • Manages transaction type, VAN and port state
  • Monitors communication links
  • Keeps transaction history
  • Query analytical transactions by several ISO-8583 fields
  • Charts by transaction type
  • Transactions per minute chart
  • Customizable charts and reports