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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How does FIXVIEW monitors FIX messages?
FIXVIEW has a real time data capture module that uses a mirrored port (from a switch or router) or a network tap to capture and reassemble all FIX messages.

How does FIXVIEW measures latency?
It measures the difference between the initial time from the request (New Order, Cancel Request or Cancel Replace Request) and the time of the response received from the stock exchange (Execution Report).

How does FIXVIEW monitors Market Data (UMDF)?
Monitoring incoming traffic or acting as a UMDF subscriber of the channels, monitors availability, lost or duplicated messages, volume and bandwidth utilization.

Does FIXVIEW complies with BOVESPA operational quality assurance program (PQO)?
Yes, FIXVIEW provides information on BMF & BOVESPA daily morning tests, FIX session availability and latency information.

What is the infrastructure needed to setup FIXVIEW?
FIXVIEW requires one server for the web application and a Linux server in each point where traffic capture is desired.

How is FIXVIEW commercialized?
It is sold as it was a service, in which the monthly payment is proportional to the number of capture probes installed and the number of users accessing the web console.

How long does it take to setup FIXVIEW?
Providing that all the infrastructure and the port mirroring is done; FIXVIEW setup can be done in up to 8 hours.