Ecodigi specializes in solutions for stock exchanges trading monitoring, leading this segment in Brazil. Its solutions centralize trade visualization from multiple different sources, streamlining business management and control.

FIXVIEW - Trading / market data messaging monitoring software.

About us

More important than being up to date with new technologies is knowing how to use them to your advantage in terms of performance and security for your business.

We are Ecodigi. An ecosystem of trading monitoring solutions that allies intelligence, precision, and agility in managing your operations. We provide real-time monitoring of mission-critical environments, focused on business management through messaging monitoring in FIX, FAST, and SBE protocols, effective to Buy-Side and Sell-Side companies.

Ecodigi. Accurate information for quick decision-making in your trading operations.

What we do

Ecodigi offers high-tech, non-intrusive, scalable and intelligent solutions that enable dealing with large volumes of data, ensuring fast and safe management of all trading platforms.


We analyze each customer’s trading infrastructure to size the project in order to provide the most efficient architecture for their trading monitoring operations.


We develop software products using cutting-edge technology for handling large volumes of information. We build mission-critical systems for capturing and processing real-time data, using the most advanced software construction practices.


Our solutions are installed and configured inside the customer’s technological environment, without interfering in trading and preserving information confidentiality. The software installation is quick and does not require integration with any other systems.


Modular architecture to meet the most diverse needs.

Order flow monitoring and data centralization

Availability and latency monitoring

Market Data monitoring

Order Cancel feature

Drop Copy providing feature

Compliance Reports



Through non-intrusive software, we monitor trading messages in real-time, providing technical information (FIX session connections, latency, etc.) and business data.

The monitored data can be visualized through real-time configurable dashboards, queries, charts, and historical data reports, as well as dynamically configurable alerts.


Ecodigi Differentials

Ecodigi offers high-tech, non-intrusive, scalable and intelligent solutions, which provide efficient handling of large volumes of data, ensuring agility and security in the management of trading platforms.

Consolidates information in a single point.

Provides information for auditing and compliance.

Register availability and latency history.

Controls and manages broker penalties (B3 – Brazil fines).

Customizable alerts (business and technology).

Records trading history.

Non intrusive solution.

Ease and flexible information extraction.

Some clients

Our customer portfolio includes small, medium and large sized companies from the financial market. Join our team!

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